Keith started working with Igloo in 2011 as our Responsible Person.  Keith’s
knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in helping and guiding us over
the years.  His tailored training programs for our drivers and office team
members were extremely informative and gave all staff in depth knowledge of the industry.   Keith’s friendly and relaxed approach meant he immediately
connected with all team members from “out in the field” drivers through to
board level Directors.

Alistair Turner
CEO Thermo Logistics Ltd

I dealt with Keith when I carried out security audits on behalf of our company. I found him to be a pleasure to deal with as he was a most competent and knowledgable manager. He does not suffer fools gladly and because the standard and quality of his work is set so high he demands the same from those around him. Lest that seem to show a martinet be assured that he is not. He has good common sense as his guide.

I found that if I sought change in a practice or procedure he would make sure that you could stand over your request, establish that the proposal was practical and feasible and then ensure that it was put in place with improvements should they be necessary.
It’s always a pleasure dealing with a professional and Keith is one of the best.

John Mulligan
Director Corporate Security at BMS